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The Legionbox company offers the clients high-quality and reliable services of a paid hosting for placement of sites of any subject. At us it is possible to carry out the order of an individual virtual hosting which our highly qualified specialists will equip with all necessary for simple and reliable control with which with ease the inexperienced user will cope even.
At us owners of personal leased servers, and also the clients who are interested in the services VPS can get professional advice concerning technical support. You will be able already to order and activate such services in 10 minutes after their payment. It is for this purpose rather simple to make activation of the leased server and to use all operating modes presented there. Our consultants work round the clock and are always ready to give help to the addressed clients online. Already our many clients could appreciate all advantages of our service.

What are the advantages provide our services

Our services will allow to carry out work of sites on our paid hosting in a mode of the maximum safety and at a high speed. Thanks to the modern and reliable equipment our company is able to guarantee to the clients uninterrupted operation of work of sites even in natural disaster. We are focused on providing to the clients the greatest possible uptime. Any of our clients doesn’t depend on unforeseen circumstances with which the global network abounds.

We also conduct for customers the initial installation and configuration of their servers, customize for operation of the standard and non-standard equipment.

On the hosting market our IT company has been working for several years. During this time, we were able to accumulate a lot of practical experience. We have formed a professional and friendly team that brings together not only the community of professional interests, but also the desire to continuously develop and improve our services.

Our specialists are confronted daily with the need to address the problems of different levels of complexity and successfully cope with them, always finding the best solutions for a particular case. That is why we are able to continuously improve their skills and enhance professional experience with a paid hosting service. Our clients in practice felt how high professionalism of our employees and how our service works perfectly.

We regularly update the server hardware, which allows our system to literally run like clockwork. Update servers hosting occurs with regularity once a year, a result of our hosting all of the equipment is only of the latest server hardware, which is characterized by reliability and fault tolerance.

The mission of our company – a high level of services we provide to customers. With each of them we work on an individual basis and take into account all of his wishes when configuring server hardware and software. This approach has attracted the ranks of our customers a lot of the major players of the Russian economy. Our clients include leading financial institutions, successful businesses that require a reliable and trouble-free in the server. In addition to financial institutions are collaborating with us the largest companies engaged in the installation and subsequent support of game servers and VOIP-companies, which is also necessary for successful commerce reliable modern server hardware and round the clock technical support. All this they receive using our services.

Our specialists work around the clock, carrying out technical monitoring of all servers hosting and providing any assistance in solving any emergency situations.

The use of paid hosting services on the basis of the operating system Linux VPS OS

With the help of the operating system Linux VPS OS can quickly implement virtual contact with anyone, and to carry out any activities on their resources with the latest technology special paravirtualization. This technology creates special containers for such action and allows to install this software as soon as possible.
The program allows the user to select the appropriate one for a distribution of the available versions. The program is so easy to operate that the user will be able to make it reset. To do this, just need to use special software that allows you to manage the server.

To change the configuration of OS should not have to reinstall the whole system. Simply reboot it, and alteration of the information related to the amount of hard disk or RAM, is done automatically.

The most popular among beginners is the distribution Ubuntu, because it is stable and easy to control work. To optimize their work is necessary to choose the latest version of the distribution, have been tested. Only in this case, the user has at his disposal more features.

Linux VPS OS allows to make work with the remote server of the simply and convenient. Such program will help the users owning administration bases to carry out without effort setup of the server by own forces. The only thing what needs to be remembered, so it that on servers of a hoster of this type there is no automatic backup. Therefore the user has to create independently backup copies of the content with little effort to restore it in case of unforeseen loss.

In the Linux VPS operating systems process of installation new is most simplified software. It is enough to user to enter the name of the necessary program in a command line that the system itself found it in a repository and I made its installation.

One of advantages of Linux VPS OS is its resistance to virus attacks of various type. Therefore such operating system won’t need the special anti-virus software.

What is the virtualization of Xen

Virtualization Xen – is one of the new products, allowing virtualize systems Apache and Linux, and increase its productivity. This technology is used not only for the operating system Linux, but also for other equipment operating on different operating systems.

If earlier developers of the program could not find a suitable amount of equipment for testing of new products and applications such virtualization, now test the application Xen can be on any platform. This resulted from the fact that the developers have made ​​the system suitable for any car. Simply install Xen on any equipment to test all new applications. Old car program will no longer be maintained, but with all the equipment that is optimized for Xen, will be the most friendly.

In addition to traditional virtualization software Xen support paravirtualizatsionny mode. In addition, it has a minimal hypervisor code, since all its many components rendered outside.

Using Xen technology allows you to expand the functional set of modern server hardware. Virtual machine performance becomes comparable to the performance of real machines. Running virtual domain also gets the opportunity to move between two physical machines.

With Xen virtualization, you can get high-quality support for modern hardware and drivers that are required to work on Linux.

This product allows you to create the illusion of independence from the hypervisor guest operating system. With the help of the Xen hypervisor, the user can control the RAM, different processes, count real-time clock counter, control DMA.

Control Panel IPSmanager, cPanel to work on a home computer

If the user does not know the basics of management and programming of the system, it is unlikely to be able to manage the web server directly. Therefore, developers have created for ordinary users special panels that allow remote control of the hosting right from your home computer.

It’s an ordinary program with a graphical interface. With their help, manages the web server directly from your browser home computer.
For servers that run on the basis of Linux, today created a huge number of applications in the form of panels. Usually, they are divided into paid and free. cPanel – this is one of the most popular free control panels for web servers running on Linux. This control panel allows you to decide the most important task of the user – to perform automatic configuration of all servers hosted on hosting.

This versatile application that allows you to effectively install and uninstall any software on the host. You can use it very easily and quickly integrated into the overall systems of the server software in automatic mode.

The only drawback of the panel cPanel is its large volume and the need for more resources for the organization of the equipment of small virtual servers, so it is better not to use it. The cPanel panel perfectly will be suitable for management of mass hostings and servers of the big size.

Indisputable advantages of cPanel:

  • Existence of the built-in Russifier;
  • Availability thoughtful functional levels for administrators and general users;
  • Ability to backup and import them from other sources.

The choice of platform depends on the functional level of the user’s access to the administration server. An ordinary user permissions bit. Anyone who has the ability to use certain user privileges, called reseller. His authority to determine access defined for it by the administrator. Once the server is replaced by the user, the panel will switch to the desired position without restarting the program.

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