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Affiliate Program

In our company everyone can earn not bad if takes part in the partner program. It will allow to organize a stable source of the income from involvement of customers on our services.

It is for this purpose rather simple to be registered in the partner program and to receive an individual code of the referal link on which there will be assignments from purchase of the new clients brought by you. For everyone paid by the attracted client on your account according to this partner link there will be assignments.

Unlike other partner programs ours has a number of advantages:

  • High percent of partner remuneration;
  • Possibility of participation in the partner program of those users who have no own site;
  • Advertizing of really high-quality and checked services which don’t cause a complaint in consumers.

We also offer some more interesting programs for various categories of our customers. Sometimes, for example, by individual arrangement with experienced webmasters, we offer discounts on services for visitors to their sites. We strive to provide customized and mutually beneficial terms for each of our customers. That is why we are open to a variety of offers.

Our partnership offers are clear and simple thanks to which we look forward to their rapid distribution among service providers and owners of various thematic sites.

To demonstrate our transparency and honesty to our affiliates, we enable them to create special personal accounts through which they can get complete information on the number of clicks on their referral links and subsequent orders made. These details can be viewed almost in real time – the information is displayed a few seconds after an order has been made. In addition, affiliates receive email notifications about events.

Commission rates

  • All virtual private servers (VPS) – 15% recurring sales commission!

What our partner program gives:

  • Commission is paid on recurring revenue, not just one-time payout!
  • No need to provide support, Legionbox supports end-user(s) directly
  • No credit card chargebacks and/or loss of payment processing accounts
  • No loss of payment processing fees (2-5% of savings)


  • $20 minimum withdrawal limit
  • 60-day commission payout delay (due to high industry fraud)
  • Company reserves the right to change the terms and rates on new referrals at any time

Here’s a quick outline of what you’ll making based on your active referrals!

10 VPS – $15 each – $22,5/month. (By having 7 active, you can get your monthly fee paid off!)
100 VPS – $15 each – $225/month!
1000 VPS – $15 each – $2250/month!

Our major affiliates all have 100+ active VPS just by having a banner or text link on their page. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and start making money by promoting our excellent services!

To join the our Affiliate Program, please «Affiliates». For new client Register.

Advertising materials for partners here.

Reselling dedicated server
Legionbox is perfectly structured to provide its customers an unprecedented combination of service, infrastructure, and pricing. There has never been a better time to start or grow your own business. We offer unlimited promotional services to our resellers, as well as volume discounts to further increase your profits.

Reseller Discount
5-20 Servers Discount 3%
20-50 Servers Discount 5%
50-100 Servers Discount 10%
100+ Servers Discount 13%

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