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ISPmanager program on the market applications for servers is very popular. It provides the user with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface, with which he will be able to quickly and easily manage your web server. Thanks to this panel, you can control various mailboxes, packages that provide hosting available to the user databases and other resources in one place.

ISPmanager program gives the user to administer the server on a different level of access. You can use it to increase the controllability of the system as a whole. It is the universal control panel equally well allows to operate to professional administrators when providing paid services of a hosting and when using servers for personal needs.

We presented three options for the price of a product to administer server resources: Lite, Pro и Cluster.

ISPmanager program allows you to create multiple levels of access to the resource management server:

  • administrator,
  • distributor,
  • user,
  • FTP account,
  • Mail account

ISPmanager control panel is suitable for any operating system and can control a large number of popular programs, such as Apache, Mailman, Awstats, MySQL and others.

The panel is easily configurable and allows for efficient management of server resources. High efficiency with low resource consumption.

Program ISPmanager, which are offered by our company – is the best combination of price, reliability and quality of the administration host.

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