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cPanel software provides the user with the most popular interfaces that can be used to effectively manage any web resource.

Thanks to software cPanel, website owners can easily manage e-mail accounts, databases, applications, security, FTP, and control every aspect of your website.

Creating Accounts
Web site owners can use cPanel software to create email accounts, available through the standard protocols including POP, IMAP, and SMTP, all with or without SSL encryption. cPanel software also supports Push Email via IMAP IDLE, enabling fast incoming and outgoing mail delivery designed with mobile users in mind.

Webmail Access
cPanel software provides several web-based interfaces for checking email, including Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail. You have the ability to access your email from any web browser, as well as configure many account options including email forwarding and auto-responders.

To help curb spam, cPanel software gives you the option of using powerful spam filters, SpamAssassin, and BoxTrapper. These powerful utilities analyze your incoming mail, looking at the source and content of the message, as well as comparing it against lists of known spammers. You can also setup spam filter rules which route messages to a spam folder, helping to keep your inbox uncluttered at all times.

Email Forwarding
With cPanel, you can reconfigure your e-mail forwarding. Having one address registered on the same domain, the user can redispatches received him letters to another. This allows you to quickly use the information.

Email Filtering
For power users, mail filtering is available for improved organization and handling of incoming mail, as well as a mailing list function to enable your users to engage in discussions via email.

Backing up data is simple with cPanel software’s “Backup Wizard.” With a few clicks, cPanel software will make a full backup of your databases, email, and web sites, which you can download to your computer or send to another server over SCP or FTP.

cPanel software makes it easy to manage databases. All of your database tasks, ranging from creating databases to manually editing tables, can be done through cPanel. As a standard, cPanel supports MySQL databases, with the ability to add PostgreSQL as well.

Easy Setup Wizard
To minimize setup time, cPanel software includes a “Getting Started Wizard,” which will walk you through the initial configuration of your account. Step-by-step tutorials, on-screen documentation, and other useful information is available through the Wizard.

Manage Domain Names
While most Web site owners manage only one domain for their Webhosting account, there are many others who use a combination of domains. Through cPanel, you have the ability to manage: Subdomains are your domain. Parked Domains are additional addresses that point to the website. Add-on domains are addresses that can point to a specific section of your hosting, allowing you to run several Web sites from your account.

Managing Files
With cPanel software, you have several options for managing your website content. Easily upload and manage web pages in cPanel’s File Manager. Drag and drop files into your account using cPanel’s Web Disk feature. Utilize traditional file transfer methods (including FTP, SFTP, and FTPS).

In addition to offering various file management tools, cPanel & WHM® software makes it easy to manage FTP accounts for employees or colleagues, enabling other users to upload files with optional security restrictions.

One-Click Applications
With a few clicks, you can install commonly used web-based applications, such as WordPress blogs, simply by answering a few quick questions through your cPanel interface. cPanel’s intuitive and highly customizable interface will provide you with an environment that will grow and evolve as your needs change.

Account Statistics
cPanel software offers a range of built-in log file statistics. Through log processing programs such as Webalizer, Analog Stats, and AWStats, you can see how many times your websites have been visited and how much email you’ve been sending.



ISPmanager program on the market applications for servers is very popular. It provides the user with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface, with which he will be able to quickly and easily manage your web server. Thanks to this panel, you can control various mailboxes, packages that provide hosting available to the user databases and other resources in one place.

ISPmanager program gives the user to administer the server on a different level of access. You can use it to increase the controllability of the system as a whole. It is the universal control panel equally well allows to operate to professional administrators when providing paid services of a hosting and when using servers for personal needs.

We presented three options for the price of a product to administer server resources: Lite, Pro и Cluster.

ISPmanager program allows you to create multiple levels of access to the resource management server:

  • administrator,
  • distributor,
  • user,
  • FTP account,
  • Mail account

ISPmanager control panel is suitable for any operating system and can control a large number of popular programs, such as Apache, Mailman, Awstats, MySQL and others.

The panel is easily configurable and allows for efficient management of server resources. High efficiency with low resource consumption.

Program ISPmanager, which are offered by our company – is the best combination of price, reliability and quality of the administration host.


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Any owner of a website, application, or Internet service is in constant need of high performance, reliability, stability, and, of course, safety of servers, which normally perform tasks in a waiting mode; however, not everyone take pleasure in waiting because time is expensive.

Creation of such a product was proposed in early last year (2013). A product that would provide the unique opportunity for instant and efficient creation, configuration and management of servers, and most importantly – with no extra costs. The product had to meet consumer demands, including ease of use and affordability. Now you no longer need to waste your precious time on monotonous work or to search for the RAM, hard drives, answers from administrators, and solutions to many of the problems of conventional servers. Your day may start with a great desire to improve your business, to do something new for it.

Today, we present our cloud servers developed after years of efforts, studying and applying innovative methods to solve set tasks. Hurry up and become our client to enjoy numerous benefits offered by our best-of-breed hosting services. Create and use our latest virtual cloudy servers to serve any of your needs efficiently. In turn, we promise to keep working hard for you, putting all hands on deck to ensure that you enjoy our services to the fullest. Our close-knit team of like-minded experts will continue to provide you with cutting-edge hosting services so that you can confidently recommend us to your friends and business partners.

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